Integrated Total Packaging Solutions (iTPS)

For high-volume snacks operations with fast-flowing products.

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For high-volume snacks operations with fast-flowing products.

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Achieve speeds of up to 300 bags per minute

Achieve the highest packing speed you can for your snacks with the only fully integrated weigher and bagmaker system from a single manufacturer. This integration offers greater simplicity in dealing with a single source for supply, installation and support.

You will see immediate yield improvements with the iTPS as we have combined our world-class Ishida weighers and Atlas bagmakers for high speed weighing of fragile foods.

There are two options available in the iTPS range, the single iTPS and the twin iTPS. Both sytsems offer controlled handling for fewer breakages and excellent return on floorspace. These market leading iTPS Atlas bagmaker products combine twin rotary jaw performance achieving packing speeds on potato chips up to 120 Bags per minute (bpm), on nuts up to 130bpm and for extruded snacks up to 180bpm.

The twin iTPS is particualrly suited to fast, uncomplicated changeovers and also has the ability to run two different pack sizes at once.

The world's only fully-integrated weigher and bagmaker from a single supplier

Larger companies benefit from standardised equipment that is available and well-supported worldwide. In addition, the equipment is highly productive when interacting with company enterprise resources.

The weigher mounts directly onto the bagmaker, reducing gantry costs. Operation of the iTPS line is via a simple, Windows-based interface allowing preset changes or other operations to be carried out simply and rapidly.

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