Multihead Weighers  

Since inventing the world's first ever multihead weigher in 1972, Ishida has continued to develop best-in-class weighing machines that deliver on performance every time.

Ishida has an extensive range of multihead weighers suited to many food and non-food applications. From entry-level to high-specification models, all Ishida's multihead weighers combine high-speed operation with unparalleled accuracy and reliability. They are pivotal to the improvement of efficiency and consistency on the production line. Our multihead weighers can be installed as part of an integrated weighing and packing line or interfaced with existing packing equipment. 

Ishida multihead weighers can improve your product packing lines with: 

  • Improved weighing accuracy means more packs per kg of product 
  • Fast calculation time delivers more packs per shift 
  • Self-tuning vibration system optimises product flow 
  • Simple, tool-free cleaning cuts weighing machine downtime 
  • Quicker, simpler training and use, with easy-to-learn operator interface 
  • A range of 'bolt-on' options available
Click on any of the models below for further information or contact us directly to speak to us about your particular requirements.

Multihead Weighers RV Series


Our latest development is the fastest, toughest, smartest and greenest multihead weigher in our range, ideal for dry, fresh and frozen food packaging.

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Our entry-level multihead weighers, typically used for dry applications including snacks, confectionery, biscuits and pasta.

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