Fish and Seafood Solutions  

Complete, integrated packing lines for fresh or frozen fish and seafood products

Ishida offers a wide range of leading expertise and advanced equipment for the packing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood.

The nature of these products and their microbiological characteristics mean that time-to-market is a key consideration. Other factors of packing speed for stickier products, low-temperature working, salt corrosion, product fragility and hygiene also need to be considered.

The company's range of Screwfeeder weighers have made handling of large fillets much faster, while delivering the highest degree of product integrity and appearance.

Smaller piece weights such as shrimp or mussels, with or without shells, present few problems. Such products can also be rapidly combined into seafood mixtures with great accuracy, by mixing on Ishida multihead weighers. Even pre-mixed seafood salads with an oil component can nowadays be weighed quickly and accurately using Ishida Fresh Food weighers.

For packing into trays, Ishida offers a range of integrated systems, incorporating state-of-the-art tray handling and sealing, seal testing, checkweighing, X-ray inspection, metal detection and pick-and-place casepacking.

All can be tailored to meet the exact needs of a given product and location, with single-point control. Please use the links below for more information or contact us directly.

Screw feeder multihead weighing | Tray sealers | Checkweighers | X-ray inspection | Weigh-price labelling Seal testers | Pick and place systems for tray handling | Distribution systems

Fish and Seafood Solutions - Complete Line

Frozen Fish

Integrated systems to tackle frozen fish products.

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