Inspection and Quality Control  

Advanced protection for quality-conscious brands 

Retailers are becoming more demanding over the quality of the food sold to consumers. Ishida Europe's class-leading quality control systems provide peace of mind by providing pack and end-of-line quality control, right down to the smallest detail. 

Not only can our x-ray inspection systems detect metallic and other contaminants, but they can also monitor product shape, broken pieces, the correct positioning of clips and much, much more. 

Ishida checkweighers guarantee correct pack weights as well as control product integrity (correct number of pieces per pack) and parameters such as moisture content. 

Our seal testers will reliably detect even the slightest leaks in bags, while we also have highly effective and reliable models to handle trays. 

To ensure your product packaging is correctly labelled and presented you can easily integrate an advanced Ishida vision system to check all aspects of pack labelling. Any or all of the above can be integrated as needed to guarantee end-of-line accuracy and ensure the highest levels of product safety. These quality Control systems operate at high speeds, allowing them to be integrated into fast production lines. 

Benefits of Ishida quality control systems include: 

  • 100% end-of-line quality check 
  • High operating speeds 
  • Accurate seal checking for both bags and trays 
  • Checkweighing and metal detection options 
  • User friendly operation 
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