Fresh and frozen meat applications 

Steak, meat chops, lardons, meatballs, minced or diced meat, sausages, ready meals 

Fresh or frozen, on-the-bone, off-the-bone or minced, we can deliver the pack you want, with the highest efficiency, strongest consumer appeal and most rock-solid retailer reassurance in the business. 

Ishida has worked closely with customers to pioneer the automation of fresh meat packing by overcoming classic problems of resistance to movement, while improving hygiene and enabling full traceability. 

With products in trays representing the lion's share of the retail market, Ishida offers many integrated lines centred on tray sealing or thermoforming. For high volume packing into plastic trays, a highly efficient thermoformer line, incorporating options such as x-ray inspection and pick-and-place case packing offers many advantages. 

Also capable of high throughput, and of handling trays of any material, is a line based around Ishida's award-winning, superfast QX-1100 traysealer

This unique experience has given us an in-depth understanding of your issues and needs: 


  • Frequent and rapid changeovers - product type, target weight and pack format
  • Guaranteed hygienic integrity and traceability through IP certification and stainless steel construction 
  • Shelf life extension through gas flushing and other MAP procedures
  • Minimal downtime for cleaning and maintenance 
  • Cuts in labour costs through automation of manual tasks eg weighing 
  • Enhanced end-of-line efficiency allowed by improvements in casepacking 
  • Rapid return on investment. 


See our meat solutions pages for more information about how we can develop a solution to your particular meat packing requirements. 

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