Fish and Seafood  

Fresh and frozen fish applications

Fish fillets, prawns, shrimp, calamari, coated fish portions, fish pie

Fragile whole fish or fillets to shellfish, sticky seafood salads to breaded fish nuggets, fresh or frozen, Ishida can help you weigh, sort, mix, pack and inspect to the highest retail standards.

Ishida has pioneered many new solutions for the packing of fresh and frozen fish and seafood. No two packing line challenges are precisely the same. This is especially true when handling chilled and frozen food products, which present all the problems of high-speed packing, plus some unique challenges of their own!

We have an intimate knowledge of the challenges in this area, including packing speed for stickier products, low-temperature working, salt corrosion, product fragility and hygiene. Our solutions are fully integrated for maximum efficiency, single-point control and ease of maintenance to give:

  • Optimised product flow, even for fillets and other "sticky" products
  • Flexibility for rapid changes in product or pack format / weight
  • Fast and accurate labelling for whole fish, fillets and seafood
  • Cuts in labour costs afforded by reductions in manual weighing and packing

More details about Ishida complete packing line solutions for fish and seafood.