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Totally integrated flexible packing line solutions for pre-formed trays

An Ishida Flex-Line is a set of configurable modules, each with the same pack size capacity that fit together to make a complete, high-efficiency tray packing line.

Flex-Line modules cover the four main areas of the modern packing line: filling, sealing, quality control and case-packing.

Entire lines are available in Single Lane, Twin Lane or Split Dual Lane configurations. Twin Lane lines deliver roughly twice the throughput of Single Lane lines, while Split Dual Lane lines offer the choice of Twin Lane throughput or of running two independent packing lines within the same footprint as a Twin Lane line.

Fast, flexible, efficient and responsive

An Ishida Flex-Line delivers a level of performance second to none: Very high packing speeds. Up to 15 cycles per minute with MAP across the range of Single, Twin and Split Dual Lane configurations.

  • Handling of a very wide range of tray types, tray sizes and seal profiles
  • Spatial Integration, leading to highly space-efficient lines that boost return on floorspace
  • Hygienic design, with a throughout-the-line approach to easy access and effective cleaning
  • Sophisticated but easy-to-use control from a single human/ machine interface (includes automated set-up)
  • Advanced remote supervision and data mining capabilities
  • The latest industrial drive technology for control, accuracy and reliability of product progress down the line

The benefits to your business of single-manufacturer, total integration

  • A single design philosophy ensures true integration and efficiency
  • Units designed to work together, in terms of product handling, signalling, data sharing, data collection and interfacing
  • Based on award winning technology from a recognised leader with extensive, blue chip experience across all the line tasks involved
  • A single, ‘one-stop' supplier to deal with, taking responsibility both for individual units and overall line
  • Fast, uncomplicated assembly produces a working line of high speed and efficiency with sophisticated control and data function