Frozen Fish

Integrated systems to tackle frozen fish products.

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Integrated systems to tackle frozen fish products.

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Fish fillets, prawns, shrimps, calamari, coated fish portions, fish pie, mixed seafood

Ishida has pioneered many new solutions for the packing of fish and seafood. Our proven range of conventional multihead weighers is ideal for weighing frozen fish and seafood.

Ishida has expertise and knowledge of the challenges in this area, including packing speed, low-temperature working, salt corrosion, product fragility and hygiene.

Benefits of Ishida systems:

  • up to 140 weighments per minute
  • unbeatable weighing accuracy
  • gentle product handling and sound dampening materials minimise product damage and noise
  • compliance with latest food safety regulations
  • sophisticated mix weighing for fish into bags and trays

Each new installation is tailored to the specifications, product characteristics and spatial requirements of the customer.

Contact us now to find out how we can help with your next installation.

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