Automation of fixed-weight packing for poultry, meat and fish.

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Automation of fixed-weight packing for poultry, meat and fish.

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Profitable automation of fixed-weight packing for fresh poultry, meat and fish

Robotgrader is the ideal solution for high-volume, fixed-weight packing into trays with a minimum of labour.

For packs of two or more pieces it delivers far higher accuracy and thus far less giveaway than manual packing, thanks to the large number of sorting possibilities. Its speed enables it to handle high volumes within a considerably smaller space than that taken up by a manual operation.

The Robotgrader takes poultry pieces from your processing operation and packs them into fixed weight trays or thermoformer pockets, ready for sealing. It ‘styles' each pack to a high standard in terms of orientation of the pieces.

By automating the most manpower-intensive phase of the packing process it presents an unbeatable contribution to your profitability, particularly in high-wage economies. The basic model 100 Robot Grader can handle 100 piece-placings per minute, with the 400 model delivering 320 placings.

The versatile Robotgrader can pack more than one tray type at a time and can also divert pieces within or outside specified weight ranges to bulk bins, freezers, marinating or other treatments. It is exceptionally easy to clean and to change over from one product or pack type to another.

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